What is Square off in Upstox? If you are interested in “What is Square off in Upstox”, if your answer is yes then this article will give detailed information about it. You need to read it completely.

Upstox is one of the leading discount brokers in India, it is important that you are well-versed if you want to invest with Upstox.

A business is a long-term investment that builds on short-term strategies with gradual high returns or immediate returns. One of these short-term methods is day trading or day trading.

The day is the part of post-trade which literally means closing all open positions at the end of the trading day.

For more details, you can read this detailed analysis of what is meant by business class.

So, if you buy a stock, sell it, and if someone sells it, buy it before the market closes.

Meaning of square off in UPSTOX.

We talk about the above stock or any other trading platform which guides you to complete the trade by cutting position.

This means that any shares I buy for morning trading must be sold before the market closes, and I will sell them.

Upstox box closing time is 3:15 pm.


Place a sell order, call or write an option with the current investment for a class, which is the same for all trades.

In Upstox, this can only be done using the Upstox Pro app.

Since the application is used to place buy orders by clicking on the strike price, such as the “call price” near the strike price, you can easily place a sell order by going to the “Bid price” column. Box

When you click on the button you will see the order form on the screen. Provide required details and click on the sell button.

UPSTOX square off time.

On the Upstox platform, you can trade stocks, futures, options, commodities, and currencies daily.

After 3:15 PM, all shares, funds, and funds are automatically traded.

The class hour for Currency Futures is 4:45 pm.

MCX position is held 30 minutes before market close. So his free time is between 10:30 am to 11:25 pm.

If you choose MIS, make sure you have set your trading day position before 3:20 pm.

In all this, it is also called auto squaring, because the current position automatically stops at a certain time.

If you fail to close your open position before this time, the system will automatically revert to the current market price. So to avoid this, close your position in advance.

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Upstox square off charges

If your open position is automatically squared off by the top-notch, you will be charged per order class (plus 18 GST).

The Upstox RMS team processes the squared off in normal class time.

So, to avoid automatic class charges, make sure to square your position first. In addition, you must have a stable internet connection and a good time margin when closing open positions.

Market schedule

To avoid the automatic class fee in Upstox, it is important to know the market time, the market opens at 9:00 am and you can start trading with cash, stocks, futures, and options from 9:15 am.

So you can adjust your location anytime before 3:15 PM. This will not only prevent automation but also guarantee profitability (such as auto-scoring at current market prices which may or may not be beneficial to the investor).

MTM Square off.

The squared percentage of MTM from market to market is determined by the Growth Risk Management team.

Cash Margin from 50 to 80 If MTM appears in Upstox, then full payment of customer’s location is done through RMS. Further, in such cases, the customer is not informed/contacted.

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