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What is OCO in Upstox?

An OCO, also known as “another cancellation”, is a pair of orders where the second order is automatically canceled when the order is executed. The Upstox OCO order includes three consecutive new orders.

This is another name for the command and its purpose is to reduce your losses.

In Upstox, maximum profit can be achieved only by placing a stop-loss order at a given point in time. These are great for day-to-day trading as they have a specific target price.

Below we describe some other features of the Optic OCO application. Stay in Touch!

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Upstox OCO Application:

As mentioned earlier, an upstart OCO order is a bracketed order, which not only minimizes losses but also increases profits by bypassing two other orders (such as brackets).

A top starting order also includes three subsequent orders which are:

  • Open buy/sell location (which should be a limit order only)
  • class/profit order.
  • close waste order

If you meet the criteria set by you, even if one of the two orders is fulfilled, the “third order” will be automatically canceled. That is why it is also called OCO, which means “canceling each other”.

Upstox OCO Margin:

The margin/leverage requirement for OCO security orders can be calculated from the following factors.

Percentage of difference between stop-loss orders and position opening orders and Last price trading (LTP).

Minimum margin percentage for trade value.

Let us say you buy a Upstox OCO order for 4,000 in Nifty Futures. According to the rules, the stop loss order must be placed at 5 at the buy price.

For details of LTP, read Meaning of LTP in the Indian stock market.

So in this case the minimum ratio (Nifty Futures) is 2.5.

OCO order margin benefits are similar to hedging order benefits.

Note: The Upstox RMS team automatically rates all open positions in the MIS / BO / OCO / CO areas up to 30 minutes before the market close.

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How to order your OCO in Upstox:

Let us see how you can place your OCO order on the Upstox platform.

  • First, log in to Upstox Pro Web and add it to your watchlist.
  • Now select the script where you want to trade.
  • By clicking this script, click Request from the drop-down menu to enter the command.

How to place order in Upstox

Now if you want to buy at a certain price,

  • select ‘Limit’ under ‘Order Type’ but if you want to buy above market price, select ‘SL Limit’.
  • This “location” will remain “interday”, as the OCO is a special type within the day, which does not allow delivery. “Today” will connect to “LTP”.
  • Now fill in the remaining information like ‘Quantity’, ‘Purchase Price’, ‘Sell Stop’, ‘Sell Target’ etc.
  • If you want to continue then also mention premium here.
  • Once you have completed all the information, click on purchase and your process is complete.
  • If you want to “seal” it, all actions will be the same, just select the “Seal” option in the upper left corner.

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How to close OCO order in Upstox?

You can select ‘OCO’ of the OCO order at market price by going to the order book. It is a very simple process where all you have to do is choose which of the two to cancel.

To exit a cached command, click on it and select Exit. You can do the same for Open & Fair, all you have to do is right-click on it and then click on Exit. Your order will only be tied to the current market price.

Final Words

So Guys This is my own method what is oco order in upstox and how to place oco order. I hope you find our article helpful for you, Please do share and comment your thought about How to close oco order.

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