Hello Guys If you are Searching for How to apply for IPO in Upstox?, Whether you want to Apply for Upstox IPO or want to get complete information about it, Then You are at Right Place. Today we will talk about this topic completely in this article, just read it carefully.

The first public offering, the first public offering, always provides a good investment for the investor. They basically provide ample opportunities to enter the IPO market at the best possible prices. If you are an existing Upstox customer, you need to know how to apply for Upstox IPO.

Upstox provides an easy way to apply for IPO through UPI and Netbanking.

Upstox is a popular discount broker offering online trading and mutual fund investment in India. The broker is constantly updating its trading software to provide the best trading experience to its clients.

In this article, you will learn about Upstox IPO Application. So read it all!

How to apply for IPO through Upstox?

Upstox is the first discount broker for its clients and also facilitates online IPO applications. I launched this application on 2nd March 2020 through the UPI process.

If you want to applying for Upstox IPO through UPI, you must have UPI before you can apply for IPO with Upstox.

Also, to applying for an IPO offered by the company, you must have a Upstox Demat Account.

This means that all Upstox customers – Retail customers, Company customers, NRI customers, Miners, and HUF customers – can apply for an IPO through Upstox.

Also, if there is an IPO allotment, the shares will be automatically credited to your Upstox Demat account. These shares can be sold on or after the date of listing.

How to Apply for IPO on Upstox Online?

Most people don’t believe that they can buy stock IPOs online. Well, the answer is yes!

You can apply for IPO online through the Upstox platform.

To request an Initial Public Offering through the Upstox platform, follow these steps:

  • First, enter Upstox Pro Web.
  • Then select “Ask for Public Offer” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the IPO you wish to request and select UPI as the payment method.
  • Enter your UPI ID when requested.
  • Finally, enter your IPO amount and click on submit.
  • This operation can be done in two ways – through UPI and ASBA/Net Banking. Let us discuss the both methods in details.

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How to Apply for an IPO in Upstox Using UPI?

Upstox IPO-UPI is a UPI-based IPO application primarily based on the company’s trading platform. It simply means that in this method your UPI is used as the payment gateway.

  • You need to have a UPI ID to apply for IPO in Upstox.
  • If not, create any UPI app of your choice – PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, and more. This is a very simple process that does not take 5-7 minutes.
  • After creating your UPI ID, simply login to Upstox Pro Web.
  • Go to the IPO section (Apply for IPO) and provide all the required information.
  • After filling in all the information, select “UPI” as the payment method and provide your UPI ID.

If there is an allotment available, you need to check the transaction post which the respective (closed) funds will be withdrawn from your bank account.

Note: The “Basic Bank Account” for your UPI and Upstox Demat account needs to be the same. Also, the Upstox Pro mobile application cannot be used for IPO applications.

Also, third-party IPO cannot be implemented in the UPI style. Simply put, you cannot use your family member’s Upstox Demat Account to request an Initial Public Offering through your bank UPI.

Upstox IPO Fees.

The partnership application through Upstox is completely free. Upstox does not charge any fee for written applications as the stock delivery transactions on the platform are broker-free.

When selling shares for a public offering, you only need to pay transaction fees (transfer of debit) and pay state tax.

Final Words

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