confirm State Licensing and Compliance

To confirm state licensing and compliance for a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, follow these detailed steps:

1. Check the Platform’s Website

Licensing Information:

  • Disclosures: Many platforms provide information about their state licenses and regulatory compliance in the “About Us” section, “Legal” section, or in the footer of their website.
  • State Licenses List: Look for a list of the states in which the platform is licensed to operate.

2. Verify with State Financial Regulatory Authorities

State Banking Departments:

  • State Regulators: Each state has a regulatory body that oversees financial services. You can visit their websites to check for the platform’s licensing status.
  • National Multistate Licensing System (NMLS): The NMLS Consumer Access portal ( is a centralized system where you can search for the platform’s licenses and regulatory status across multiple states.

3. Contact State Regulatory Agencies Directly

State Financial Regulatory Agencies:

  • Contact Information: Obtain the contact information for state regulatory agencies from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) website (
  • Direct Inquiry: Contact the regulatory agencies directly to inquire about the platform’s licensing status and any potential compliance issues.

4. Review Usury Laws Compliance

State Usury Laws:

  • Interest Rate Caps: Research state-specific usury laws, which set maximum allowable interest rates for loans. Ensure that the platform’s interest rates comply with these caps.
  • Compliance Verification: Compare the platform’s disclosed interest rates with the state’s usury laws to verify compliance.

5. Check for Consumer Complaints and Enforcement Actions

Consumer Complaint Resources:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Visit the BBB website ( to check for complaints and reviews about the platform.
  • State Attorney General’s Office: Check with the state Attorney General’s office for any consumer complaints or enforcement actions against the platform.

6. Use National Resources and Databases

NMLS Consumer Access:

  • Search for Licenses: Use the NMLS Consumer Access portal to search for the platform’s state licenses. This database provides comprehensive information about the platform’s licensing status across all states where it operates.
  • Licensing Details: Review detailed licensing information, including the types of licenses held and their current status.

Step-by-Step Process Summary

  1. Platform’s Website:
    • Check the platform’s website for licensing information and disclosures.
  2. State Financial Regulatory Authorities:
    • Visit state banking department websites or use the NMLS Consumer Access portal.
    • Search for the platform’s licenses and regulatory status.
  3. Direct Contact with State Regulators:
    • Obtain contact information for state regulatory agencies from the CSBS website.
    • Contact state regulatory agencies directly for verification.
  4. Review Usury Laws:
    • Research state-specific usury laws.
    • Compare the platform’s interest rates with state usury laws.
  5. Consumer Complaints and Enforcement Actions:
    • Check the BBB and state Attorney General’s office for complaints and enforcement actions.
  6. National Resources and Databases:
    • Use the NMLS Consumer Access portal for comprehensive licensing information.

By following these steps, you can confirm the state licensing and compliance status of a P2P lending platform, ensuring it operates legally and adheres to state-specific regulations.


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